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13U Prospects

13U Prospects is a "developmental" program providing kids the opportunity to play some higher caliber baseball. It is in conjunction with your spring house ball league but CAN NOT interfere with any of your house team programs.

Q - When does the season start?

A - Around the second to third week of April and goes until the end of May.

Q - What does the assessment process look like?

A - These assessments are open to any 13U player that would like to try out. This years try-outs are being held April 9th 2022 on JDF Diamond 2, registrations is currently open under the EVENTS tab of our website. 

Q - What kind of commitment is involved with playing on this team?

A - Prospect practices (if possible) and games CAN NOT interfere with any house ball programs. It is very tough to find time to pull all players together for a practice when they are all on different house teams with different game and practice schedules. The current plan for 2022 is to have games on Wednesday nights. The expectation is that they kids will get 5-6 extra games.

Q - Is there a cost to playing on this team?

A - The cost for making this team in 2022 will be approximately $50 per child. These fees are over and above the 13U house ball registration and covers stuff like a prospect team jersey, extra field time, umpires fees etc.

If you have any questions about the 13U prospects program, please contact...

13U Director

Nina Budimcic

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