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15U AA

Much like the 15U house division this 15U AA Division is very similar in its structure. The same rules apply for the most part in all 15U divisions, it is the level of competition and associated costs that can be different. After a couple of early season assessments, usually February, the team is formed. It is meant to be for the "best 12" players in the park or thereabouts for roster size.

Age Requirements

Age limits for this division are 13/14 year old.

For next season, April 2023, you will have to be 13 or 14 as of December 31st 2022.

Q - When is registration?


Q - How much does it cost to play?

A - There is a fee of approximately $120 that each player who makes this team must pay. This fee is over and above the registration fee you would have paid for the regular 15U season. This extra money covers extra field space, extra umpires etc. Each kid will receive the 1 jersey that all kids get when they join a team but if your team chooses to get extra swag the costs will be the responsibility of each member on the team. 

Q - What Kind of commitment does 15U AA require? How many sessions a week?

A - 3-5 days a week. Many factors like field availability and coach schedules dictate the days that this division ends up playing. 

Q - How long is the season?

A - The season starts approximately the second week of April and runs until about the end of July. If the team does well and wins the cities they could go to provincials which would be late July or early August. With COVID this year Provincials are up in the air. 

Q - What equipment does my child require?

A - The must haves are a helmet, glove, cleats and ball pants. 

Bat Sizing... 

Max Bat Length : 42"

Max Barrel Width : 2 3/4"

Max Drop Weight : -10

Notes : Bats must be marked "BPF 1.15" or "USABB". Composite, Aluminum or wood combo.

If you have any questions about the 15U division please contact... 

15U Director

Jesse Stamm


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