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A very important part of what programs we can offer here at Triangle Baseball depends on the fundraising we can do as a club.  We do receive support via Provincial gaming grants but as youth registration volumes go up, along with more families needing financial aid in order to afford to play these sports our fundraising has to stretch further and further.  With this trend most likely continuing to rise we will have to find other ways to support our program.

In 2023 we have chosen to do a raffle for cash prizes.

Each family will be required to purchase 1 x $50 raffle book per player registered, to a max of 2 players per family, that will be included in your registration fees. Each book contains 10 x $5 tickets and you can either write your name on each ticket or sell them, that's up to you. We plan on having the raffle books ready for pick up at the Opening Day Meet & Greet that is still TBD. More details to follow on the cash prize amounts.

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